Our History

Fine Indian Dining in a Relaxed and Cosy Setting

Imagine rejuvenating the senses in a cosy interior, where you’re greeted by warm, eye-soothing colours and a cheerful cacophony – all complemented by sweet and soft music, along with the tantalising aroma of Indian food served with refreshing cocktails.

You are indeed in good company, where exceptional customer service and mouth-watering Indian dishes await to satiate your hunger, calm your soul, and fill you up to the brim with positive energy.


Desh pays homage to the authentic, traditional flavours and dishes of the Indian subcontinent, all served in a unique and relaxed setting.

The sumptuous menu which has been carefully handpicked by our expert Indian chefs, offers a genuine and modern, yet fairly simple twist on what you’d typically expect from traditional Indian cuisine.

Along with our chefs as well as our own expertise brought directly from home, we have successfully recreated two of the most beloved dishes in Indian cuisine, integrating our ‘secret’ family recipes along the way. All of this has been inspired not only by India’s diverse flavours, spices and herbs, but also home-style cooking in our mothers’ kitchens.

At Desh, we are all about offering the most innovative and authentic dining experience that blends real Indian cuisine heritage with urban British dining preferences.

All the while, our cross-cultural menu embraces the democratic spirit of traditional Indian street food, making Desh a true cultural melting pot.

It’s the perfect place for you and your family or loved one to wind down, relax and celebrate, with a comfortable backdrop, soothing music and ambience, and exceptionally friendly staff that never hesitates to accommodate you in any way or manner possible.

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We’re “the” place you can drop by at any time of day or night – whether you want to celebrate that promotion you just got, spend a night out with the family to celebrate the birth of a newborn or want to take your spouse out for a romantic night – to enjoy some traditional Dosa and chai or the most amazing fish curry you will ever feast on.

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The Driving Forces behind Desh

Our esteemed owners have more than two generations of experience under their belts, running three other Indian restaurant chains, managing and running those chains in Kent and surrounding counties.

Desh has been inaugurated because they wanted to bring a much more authentic and pure home-style Indian dining option to the local West Malling marketplace, but with a British twist to cater to the locals’ food preferences.

Our Kent restaurant has been completely renovated, bringing it up to the same level as some of the highest profile dining halls in the area.

Who We are at Desh

Our menu features Indian spices, herbs, flavours and ingredients that have feverously stood the test of time. Unique to our menu is the Sunday Dosa – a staple South Indian dish which is just as enjoyable for lunch and dinner as it is typically for breakfast.

We are an innovative Indian cuisine restaurant in West Malling that mixes true Indian heritage with British tastes and preferences.

If you’ve never had a Dosa, then you are indeed in for a satisfying treat: a soft but crispy crepe with a spiced filling, all packed with mouth-watering traditional Indian herbs and spices.

Our authentic flavours and recipes are served with a modern twist, where you’ll get to experience them in a way not witnessed in the Indian cuisine marketplace.

One look at our menu, and the sheer number of authentic recipes and quality ingredients might overwhelm you. The fact of the matter is, we are much more than your average ‘curry house’.

Our menu has been meticulously crafted with recipes that borrow from Bengali heritage, mixed with traditional Calcutta and South Indian foods. Items like our lentil fritters and fish curry, for instance, will instantly transport you to what it’s like having them back home. Our desserts are no different, offering a very traditional, direct from home and packed with mother’s love kind of vibe.

Bookmark Our Menu Now!

Keep checking our menu from time to time because we will be introducing some very unique and scrumptious Indian delights to mesmerise the senses throughout the year, particularly around New Years, Holidays, Mother’s Day, Easter, etc.

Be it a fun night out with the family or a romantic getaway to celebrate your union, our warm and cosy atmosphere coupled with superb Indian food and friendly staff is something you’ll yearn for time and time again.

Our restaurant is also perfect if you want to take a break from a busy, back-breaking day at work and just want to enjoy a quick snack or wraps, including our signature Calcutta street-style Kathi Rolls. Our full ground coffee machine offers many different varieties of fresh coffees to recharge you for the rest of the day, as do our soul-pleasing and heart-warming Indian desserts.

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